Some Helpful Hints About What Not to Say to Your Unemployed Friend



I’m going to stray off topic from what is normally posted in this space today. Why? Because I feel like it. I feel silly even writing this because it all seems like common sense to me. But, then I’m reminded what is common to one, is not common to everyone else.

There are a ton of articles out there if one needs any help. If you’re unsure, PLEASE Google it (seriously). Many of these articles are very helpful:


and here

and, here

I cannot reiterate this enough:

Do not ever bitch about your job to your unemployed friend (or family member). In fact, don’t discuss your job at all to your unemployed friend. Hello, be a little empathetic and sensitive to the fact that she/he doesn’t want to hear your bitching. Sure, it was fine when they were also working, but now is not the time and please understand and be aware of this. Somewhat related, do not exclaim how much you you need a vacation to your unemployed friend. Your friend would love to be in the same boat as you….
What you can do is listen to them. Ask them how they are (they’re still a human being with thoughts and feelings) and really LISTEN to what they tell you, without “helpful” suggestions or judgment. Be sensitive to what they’re going through, even if that means you have to Google ‘how to talk to a friend who lost their job’ (see above). Try to be positive and supportive without being condescending. And most of all, check in on them because they very well might be depressed. Know that your friend or family member has a job right now: looking for a job. That is a real and valid task.