An update as of 4.11.17:

I really haven’t gotten very far with noise reduction or improvements in my neighborhood. I contacted my city councilman’s office last week (Brad Lander) and was told to attend a 66th police precinct meeting (which meets every 3rd Thursday of the month). We’ll see where that leads. In the meantime, I’ve decided to broaden the scope of the content on this blog because, well, shit has gotten pretty scary for a lot of people since the last election. Every day, there’s a new horror to wake up to if you read the paper or what’s trending on Twitter. I accepted the reality of the presidency and why the Dems lost, but am still trying to understand why people voted the way they did and what motivated them. It’s not a simple answer. But, maybe if the Dems paid attention to what really matters to people….maybe they could win in 2020. Though, I become more disenchanted with some Dems and what comes out of their mouths…but, I digress.

One good thing that has come out of the last election is the resistance movement that is growing across the country.  So many groups bound together by a common theme….it’s pretty awesome and I am still struck by how many hundreds of thousands of women marched back in January. I’d like to say that I’m playing my own, if somewhat small part in it, in some small way by marching, contacting my Representative and Senators weekly and by volunteering my time to do research for an awesome organization called Swing Left, who’s goal is to turn the House blue in 2018 midterm elections. Everything and anything one person can do adds up.

So, to sum it up, this space will be a mixture of documenting political and social issues as well as noise pollution. Besides, I like the title of the blog….because one voice can be noisy too.


I’ve lived in NYC for 18 years and been in Brooklyn for the past 10 years. This blog came out of my frustration in being subjected to the almost constant noise pollution of car horn honking in my neighborhood. It’s maddening. This blog will also document the navigation of reporting complaints to city resources, who, so far seem to be ineffective in handling the situation. Through my experience in dealing with and investigating this issue so far, it’s revealed as a never-ending loop of bureaucracy with no real positive end results.


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